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The number of individuals accessing the internet in the UK exceeds 90%, and the utilisation of mobile devices for online activities is experiencing rapid growth. But in this highly competitive field, sticking out means providing great user experiences (UX). Here are three UI/UX Design Trends UK you need to know about in 2024 to keep your audience interested and bring your digital service to the top.

Three Significant UI/UX Trends to look out for in 2024

In today’s digital world, A seamless and captivating user experience (UX) is essential rather than simple options; it’s a must-have. Also, doing UX Best Practices UK is vital for your site growth. But styles change quickly. How can you ensure that your online services stay on top of things? Let’s look at three exciting UI/UX Design Trends in the UK that will be big in 2024:

1. Democratised Design: Voice & Micro Interactions Impact

Imagine using your voice to run your smart home or book a train ticket without using your hands. Voice-first systems are becoming very popular, and UK businesses like Barclays and Domino are already making money. Adding voice-driven UI (“voice-first design UK”) to your services lets more people use them, even those who need help with mobility.

It’s not enough to talk; you also need to feel heard, and that is where little encounters come in. Think of small things like satisfying sounds, subtle animations, and individual feedback that make users happy and keep them interested.

Remember how nice your phone goes “pop” when you finish a task? That is a small exchange! Case studies from the UK, like the makeover of GOV.UK’s progress bar shows how these little changes can make a big difference.

2. Beyond Clicks: Accessibility & Personalisation Make the Way

Included is not a choice; it’s necessary. Accessible design is essential in 2024 to ensure everyone can easily use your digital services. By following WCAG Compliance (“WCAG compliance UK”), you can reach a large and often-overlooked group of people and show that you care about doing the right thing for society.

But more than being easy to get to, it is needed. Users want experiences that are unique and fit their needs and tastes. Imagine an online store that suggests goods you’ll love based on what you’ve looked at before (“personalised content UK”). Personalisation at this level increases engagement and conversion rates, which makes customers happy and helps the business grow.

3. Immerse & Captivate: AR/VR & Storytelling Paint the Picture

Try on clothes or look around a museum show from your living room. The boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are blurring in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), creating incredible new possibilities for user interfaces and user experiences (UI/UX). As one example, “AR/VR Marketing UK” describes how the IKEA Place app utilises augmented reality to show customers how furniture will seem in their own houses. It’s not just about being new; it’s also about making experiences that are immersive and emotionally connected with people (“Emotional Design UK”). Using stories lets you connect with people on a deeper level and keep them interested over time.

Ready to help us find our way through the future?

These are just three of the many cool UI/UX Trends that will shape 2024. Our job at Digital Advisory UK is to help companies like yours use these trends to make unique digital experiences that connect, convert, and delight. Contact us immediately, and we’ll help you plan your way to a successful digital future!

Micro interactions – Tiny Touches, Big Impact:

In addition to essential functions, micro interactions make your UI more fun and unique. You need to be aware of the Best UI&UX Practices UK to think of subtle animations, satisfying sounds, and tailored input. Remember how the “like” graphics worked on social networks? That is a small exchange! These small details make a big difference, increasing user happiness and engagement.

Case Study of the UK: Redesigning the GOV.UK Progress Bar:

GOV. The UK updated their progress bar in 2022 by adding small movements and colour changes. This seemingly small change made users 20% less likely to leave, showing how powerful interactions can be. Plan how you’ll use them and see your users’ involvement go through the roof!

Final Verdict

In the end, stay caught up with your internet service! Join forces with Digital Advisory UK and follow these UI/UX Trends. We’ll help you make experiences that are fun, easy to use, and completely immerse your audience, which will win them over and help your business grow.

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